Friday, November 6, 2015

Why Patterns and Measurements are Important in Dressmaking? (part 1 of 2)

In dressmaking, a pattern is very important because it gives you the initial outline of the dress or any item you are trying to create. Aside from providing you the outline, patterns also give you an idea how much fabric you should use and the ideal kind of the fabric for the project.

Dressmakers who have been in this industry for so long would agree that in order to get the right patterns for dressmaking, the tailor must first decide what kind of item he or she wishes to make and then the list of measurements needed. Compared to tablemats or curtains, patterns are more valuable when it comes to clothing or dressmaking because the "wearability" of the clothes will basically depend on the patterns chosen.

Where to find patterns for dressmaking

A specific pattern that will be used for dressmaking will greatly depend on who is going to wear it. Nowadays, since more and more people are into sewing and dressmaking, there are so many sources of patterns available. They come in various types and designs which aids comfort when sewing for clothes.

These patterns are available from almost all craft stores or specialty stores meant for dressmaking. You can get it from craft stores or specialty dressmaking stores where you bought the materials like fabric, thread, and the like for your project. Aside from buying these patterns at stores, you can also get it from various magazines that feature basic sewing or in online sewing sites.

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